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About Us

Why Vinyl?

Compact Discs (CDs) were to be the media that replaced vinyl records. And, indeed, they are more compact, convenient, durable and consistent. Most people seem very happy with the sound of CDs and they derive a lot of pleasure listing to them. However, CDs don't surpass the fidelity of sound that a vinyl record played on a high quality turntable can produce.

For those in pursuit of high fidelity, vinyl continues to be a popular medium. Unfortunately, records are prone to wear, dust, static, variable quality of pressings and a good turntable and pick-up costs a lot of money.

Its not that digital is bad; its just that CD Audio has not advanced hi-fi as much as it could have. Some audiophiles back-up their cherished vinyl using Hi Resolution Digital Audio at 96,000 (or more) samples per second and 24 bit (or more) resolution. CDs use 41,000 samples and 16 bits.

Apart from the technical babble, people also like vinyl records because:

  • For some, the notion of the analogue sound having been physically pressed into the disc gives a sense of tangibility to the musical work.
  • That the technology works as well as it does, lends more than a bit of "magic" to the listening experience.
  • The care in handling, playing and cleaning of records necessitates a degree of involvement on the part of the listener.
  • Then there is the emotional connection. There will be very few people who grew up in the later half of the twentieth century for whom music played on vinyl records did not have an important role in their life.
  • Also, album covers, inserts and other embellishments are often works of art and full of information that is a great accompaniment to the music.

All-in-all, I think that listening to records is an entirely different experience to listening to digital media. It's an event.

Customer Service

We endeavour to provide the highest standards of service to our customers. We strive to make your visits to our site and dealings with us pleasant and worthwhile. This includes not sending unwanted emails or plastering our site with advertising. Please let us know if there is anything we can do better.

In spite of our earnest efforts it may happen that you receive a record which is not in the condition described. If for this, or any other, reason you are not satisfied with our records or service, just contact us and return the records for a full refund.

We are continually adding to our catalogue. So, if you don't find anything this visit, be sure to come back. Why not go to our home page and bookmark it now?

Please enjoy browsing our site. We are sure you'll find some great value listening.